Tax Details

2% Marketing: We prioritize spreading the word about Stuart Inu, ensuring widespread awareness and adoption. Our dedicated marketing team will employ creative strategies to enhance the token's visibility, attracting new investors and strengthening its position in the market.
2% Reflections: As a Stuart Inu holder, you're entitled to passive income through reflections. With every transaction, 2% of the tokens are redistributed proportionally among all holders. This incentivizes long-term investment and loyalty, allowing you to watch your wallet grow with every buy or sell.
2% Buyback & Burn: Stuart Inu introduces a game-changing feature: the 2% Tax Buy Back and Burn. With each transaction, 2% is allocated for buying back tokens from the market, reducing supply and potentially increasing value. The acquired tokens are then permanently burned, creating scarcity and incentivizing long-term holding.
1% Back Into Liquidity: We believe in maintaining a robust liquidity pool to ensure the stability and sustainability of Stuart Inu. The 1% of each transaction dedicated to liquidity serves as a safeguard against volatility, fostering a secure and reliable trading environment for all token holders.

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000 STUART
Official Contract Address: 0xe04E25Ec3a5F1a0D574C18a9F6326Bed39d1f51B